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Specialized in Digital Marketing by providing personalized brandable domain names and easily customizable website designs

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Everyone wants to be known in the digital world and no one doubts that this will be much easier if you own your first and last name domain name. If you’re new to the world of domains, you may be wondering, what does having your own domain name do?

I was in the same position when I wanted to build my first website around my first name and last name. It was so easy for people to find me on google as the SEO keyword relevancy in a URL plays a significant role as a ranking factor. Also, I was able to gain trust easily by using a personalized email that helped to promote myself and build a big family around my business.

Honestly, before having this experience I was very confused between choosing an FNLN and other fancy domain names. I had to sacrifice weeks to educate myself in order not to make a wrong decision.

Also, I had to build a website that can provide my visitors with an entertaining experience while browsing my site. After years of experience, we have accumulated enough expertise that for sure will help our customers to reach their goals easily.

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We created Personal Brand Shop to give everyone a place on the Internet to call their own, a blank slate to build their dream online. Pretty exciting, right?

We believe that’s a necessity to help people own their FNLN domain because they will have greater control of their brand. FNLN domains are easy to remember and guarantee free and significant traffic.

We provide our customers with reasonable prices and easily customizable website designs. Our services have proven their success as we have dealt with many popular websites.

We want our customers to get a wonderful experience during their startup experience. Our expertise also has been dedicated to helping everyone achieve success in digital life.


Our goal is and always will be the customer comes first. At Personal Brand Shop we work hard to make sure our customers are always satisfied and provided with the best quality at the best prices.

We are located in Canada and operate many popular Marketing agencies around the world.

Best Practice

The advice that we give to our customers is always to own their FNLN domain name because It’s nearly impossible to claim a domain once it’s been taken unless they have deep pockets, so act fast.

Even though you are not planning to use them shortly, owning your FNLN domain name will prevent your competitors from getting it first.