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Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, our Domains are available on different platforms, but you have to pay the price of the domain plus the fees of the chosen platform (around %5-20)

An email will be sent to confirm the purchase of your plan. The transfer of the domain will start immediately, and you will receive an email within 24h confirming that the domain has been registered under your name.

Once you have received the name into your registrar account, you will be able to:

  • Use the domain as your website address or redirect the traffic of this domain to your original website.
  • Setup email addresses, for instance, [email protected].
  • Use the domain and logo on business cards and other materials.

If you don’t have a website built yet, we can make one for you. Check our websites demos and let us know if you need any help. Also, you can put up a simple coming soon page, or just leave it until you are ready. You don’t need to do anything right away. Because you own the domain name, you can take your time.

If you choose the Pro plan, you will receive an email confirming the chosen website (demo). a detailed explanation will be provided to understand how we should proceed in order to make your website done and give a start to your personal brand.

This plan includes:

  • Personal Brand Domain Name ($1000-$2000 Value)
  • Premium WordPress theme easy to manage and edite ($500 Value)
  • One year website hosting
  • One year website management and security
  • One change of the entire website content
  • 1 hour content update per month for the first year
  • Weekly Backup
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 5 Professional emails

Awesome Bonus

1 hour course teaches how to edit and manage your website (coming soon for the people purchasing Pro plan)

Every year, we sell 1000s of premium domains to entrepreneurs and businesses like you.

Almost one out of every six names sold is sold to a repeat buyer or a referral, they come for building their website or buying domain names and more….

No, and it’s not possible for us to do so. Trademarks are industry and region-specific, and to file a trademark for a name or logo, you must already be doing business as that name. Because of this, we can’t trademark a name before your company is actively using it. Therefore, you can apply for trademark registration after you have purchased the name.

When you purchase a domain from Personal Brand Domain, you will own it 100%. However, all domain names worldwide must be kept registered at a registrar like GoDaddy or similar that you choose. You will pay the registration fees to whichever registrar you decide to use. The price of registration varies at each registrar, but it generally ends up being around $7-15 per year for a .com domain name. Registration is annual but can be paid up for 10 years in advance, which we suggest you do.

If the refund request has been received before starting the domain transfer, you will get the refund sent within 31 days of receiving the refund request. After the domain is registered under your name with your personal information it will be impossible for us to recover the domain.

If you bought the domain from other platform as we are also selling them in different marketplaces, the refund polices of the marketplace from which you buy the domain will be applied.